Simple vegan meal prep ideas for clean eating

Fat Flush Raspberry Lemonade

Fat Flush Raspberry Lemonade

Most of us have heard of the master cleanse diet. It’s 3 days+ of drinking just fresh lemon juice mixed with unrefined organic maple syrup and as much cayenne pepper as you can stand. The berry twist to this recipe is with the knowledge that crash diets tend to fail. A vegan diet with a fat flush tea or lemonade is absolutely efficient in detoxing the body. If your body needs a factory reset try making this lemonade without the raspberries. Drink only that for one day. Then incorporate any vegan whole-food recipes for tons of fiber and nutrients that will give you energy and make you feel satisfied all day! This is a manageable lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely if you want. For a substantial detox I recommend going vegan for 10 or 21 days. After this some of us just need some meat. If you were raised like I was, on a farm where we had our own livestock, it was meat, potatoes and corn every night. It makes sense that growing up on a certain diet makes your body adjust and build adequate intestinal enzymes. When I go vegan I cheat here and there after week one. If I don’t I get backed up. I learned this by eating some pizza one night in a weak moment. A lot of my side effects went away by the next day. If you start to break out going vegan you can eat some salmon or other fish. The omegas are great for your skin. Otherwise wait it out because your body is probably pushing out all of the chemicals. This is good! I recommend that everyone take Probiotic Pearls. You can get a 90 day supply for less than $20 online. The pearls bypass your stomach acid and break down in the intestines where you want them. This helps to regulate things. It gets your candida in check with good bacteria. This is important for your entire immune system.

Other things to incorporate into your diet for a fat flush and detox program:

-Lemons. As many lemons as you can stand. Make fresh lemonade or iced tea to keep in the fridge and drink it all day long. Put lemon on everything!

-Garlic. Garlic is amazing. I mince it in my NutriBullet and usually double what my recipe calls for. Garlic cleans out your system. It’s amazing for immune support. It’s got antimicrobial agents so can be good for a host of ailments.

-Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother enzymes. This provides amino acids along with the cleansing properties of vinegar. Supplement this in for vinegar in your recipes, add it to salads, or do a shot a few times a day for energy and overall wellbeing.

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