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Apple Cider Vinegar:  Spoof or Proof?

Apple Cider Vinegar:  Spoof or Proof?

I remember traveling to Richmond, Virginia with my grandmother for a wedding just post 9/11.  The TSA was in full force trying to establish some sort of protocol but clearly wasn’t sure what the rules were going to be.  My grandmother, who had kicked ovarian cancer via 4 rounds of heavy chemo in the 90s, was pulled over at security.  

The whole security thing was bizarre at the time. No one had ever seen anything like it.  The TSA abusing old ladies? Was there even security before that? I just remember smuggling cognac and wine back from France in my backpack when I was 16. Aside from my dad flipping out I got away with it.


Our first red flag that the trip was going to be less than smooth was when my brother was pulled over for his skateboard tools. I just figured he always looked guilty so it was no biggie. Then they targeted my grandmother. That had me confused. I wondered why a frugal 70-something year old woman with a neat hairdo and conservative attire would be detained?  She doesn’t exactly strike me as an obvious threat to collective safety.


My grandmother being pulled over turned out to be because of a far greater concept than I could even grasp at the time: Apple Cider Vinegar Paraphernalia. It turned out she had this suspicious liquid substance in her possession.  It had to have been less than an ounce in some sort of clear Tupperware sauce container.  



One of the TSA specialists questioned my grandmother, “What is this?”  She replied, “Apple Cider Vinegar.”  The TSA agent looked confused.  “For what?” he continued.  My grandmother looked completely humiliated.  Even in front of her own husband and family.  She paused then answered, “I have a spoonful each morning.”  Everyone seemed to wonder why.  I can’t remember if she explained herself then or if they confiscated the liquid.  I do remember though that the reason that she took it ended up being because “it makes you healthy.”  


At the time I thought that drinking vinegar was just another weird thing that old people did.  Similar to getting perms, wearing polyester and putting mothballs in any enclosed space.  Now I use apple cider vinegar to cure everything.  Everything that coconut oil cannot cure, that is. Blog on that surely to come. 😍 I think that the two generally go hand-in-hand and should be ingested and spread on every extremity daily.  I also suggest spraying all cloth surfaces and pets with apple cider vinegar.  If you do this, however, be ready for everyone in your household to hate you.


Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar:


-Hair Rinse

Removes residue and leaves hair shiny.  Makes you smell like vinegar for sure! Use on a day off or just go with it.  Sometimes smelling repulsive can work to your benefit, but that’s another blog…

-Skin Toner

Brings your PH to normal after cleansing.  This helps keep your defenses up.  Also cuts through any residue or leftover grime. Will clean out pores.

-Scalp Detox

Pouring straight Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider with The Mother over your head feels amazing!  I do it when my hair’s still wet.  There are enzymes in Apple Cider Vinegar that feed your scalp and allow it to be in tip-top shape.  This maximizes your growth cycle to have long, healthy and shiny hair.

-Pet Drench

Fights off parasites and kills yeast.  Mix with some water in a spray bottle.  For parasites add some sea salt.  It’s a great supplement for scheduled pest control including fleas, ticks, worms and mites.  These creatures HATE Apple Cider Vinegar.  They will stay away.  Also works systemically.  Put a teeny bit in your pet’s water.  Just not too much so they stop drinking it.

-Yeast and Bacteria

Drinking a shot of vinegar a few times a day is a good way to keep your entire body balanced.  Bacteria and yeast keep each other in check in a healthy person.  When the balance is thrown off you end up with an overgrowth of one or the other which can lead to many problems.  Vinegar keeps your body alkaline.

-Coffee Pot Cleaner

-Scent Remover

Seems counter intuitive since vinegar stinks.  The vinegar scent fades quickly though and neutralizes other smells.  Putting the vinegar in a spray bottle to have on hand is a great idea.  I use it for pet accidents.


Just be careful that you don’t use it on surfaces that may break down.  Hard wood floor varnishes and wax could be stripped under rugs so go light.

-Grime Remover

Breaks down most things.  If you have dishes or appliances with anything caked on them a little vinegar soak should help cut through it.


Cuts lactic acid in the system and replaces it with enzymes and amino acids.  If you can get through the 20 seconds of torture from drinking it you will feel great after.

Warning:  Watch the teeth.  Vinegar strips enamel off.  Use a straw if you are drinking it.

by Bethany Ryan

Co-founder of I Love My Recipe

Bethany specializes in vegan recipes using nutrient-dense, whole food sources.

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